General on Assessment


Part A


The word limit for answers to questions in Part A is 2,000 words. 50% of the marks will be available for this answer.


Question 1: ‘Globalisation is essentially a positive force.’ Do you agree? Justify your answer.


This module is assessed entirely by coursework. Please make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter or you may lose marks.


You must answer one question from Part A and one question from Part B. The word limit for each question is 2,000 – you will be penalised according to HUBS regulations if you exceed the limit (i.e. do not go more than 10% over the limit). Your work must be properly and fully referenced but the references do not contribute to the final word count.


Part A draws particularly on the first part of the module (i.e. the external business environment) whereas Part B is more focussed on the firm. You are advised to start working on Part A early in the semester as you will inevitably earn low marks if you leave it all to the last minute. However, it may be a good idea to review Part A before the hand-in date as you perspective may change somewhat as a result of completing Part B. Moreover, depending on the question chosen, you will find it useful to draw on the early part of the module to help you pul together a good answer for Part B.


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