furniture case


this order is to analyse a case study, linking to lectures information, all material and theories

In the first part of the assignment, the emergence of cross-cultural management and globalisation should be discussed to provide the context and framework for the essay. Students have to ‘briefly’ discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the company working in different countries and the relevance and importance of cross-cultural management for a multinational company. This part can be looked at as the introduction to the main body of the assignment.

The second part should address the operating in various countries and employing people from various countries. The sophisticated nature of logistics and the innovation and development of products at Home Furniture implies that its employees are required to work in teams. Forming multi-cultural teams from various countries where Home Furniture has offices, stores, and production units, will pose challenges for the management of how to manage those teams. What problems could be expected when working across the countries mentioned in the case?
The analysis should cover the influence of national cultures on the following aspects of organisations: leadership, decision making and HRM. Although students are allowed to vary their focus with regard to other aspects of organisations that may be relevant from a cross-cultural perspective, they are expected to cover in some way the topics mentioned above.

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