Foundation of Movement & Motor Activities

The example below describes which autonomy supportive teaching behavior?

Dribbling the ball with your left hand is a difficult task, but when you become skilled at using your left hand it will allow you to go in many different directions with the ball. (Points : 1)

encouraging experimentation

offering optimal challenges

providing rationales

acknowledging feelings


Question 2.2. The following story describes an example of what type of student?

Billy is standing on a polyspot with a paddle in his hand. He is playing with the handle of the paddle. He picks up the object to hit and decides to play with it. Finally Billy decides to attempt to hit it one time towards the target. After this attempt Billy decides to just watch his classmates. (Points : 1)

internally motivated

externally motivated


regulatory motivated


Question 3.3. Which of the following scenarios would be considered an inappropriate way to handle equipment? (Points : 1)

moving a  throwing target closer to you

striking a shuttlecock with a tennis racquet

swinging a baseball bat while waiting your turn


Question 4.4. If Judy loves going to the gym not only for the exercise, but because she gets to hang out with her friends too, it would be an example of (Points : 1)

integrated regulation

identified regulation

external regulation

introjected regulation


Question 5.5. Which of the following sequences for delivering consequences is correct? (Points : 1)

positively reinforce students who are on-task, redirect the student to the current task, present a choice, follow through on the student’s choice

present a choice, redirect the student to the current task, positively reinforce students who are on-task,  follow through on the student’s choice

positively reinforce students who are on-task, present a choice, redirect the student to the current task, follow through on the student’s choice,

redirect the student to the current task, positively reinforce students who are on-task, present a choice, follow through on the student’s choice


Question 6.6. The best format for activities to use when trying to incorporate all six TARGET structures is (Points : 1)

partner activities

individual tasks

learning stations

group activities


Question 7.7. The following story demonstrates an example of what type of student?

Susie is throwing an object for distance. There are different distances that are marked by previous throws. Susie’s goal is to throw the object as far as the previous class record held by her classmate Tom. After Susie makes her throws, she looks at Ms. Young who tells her that she did a great job and that her throw was now the record. (Points : 1)



internally motivated

externally motivated


Question 8.8. Read the scenario below. The teacher is using which of the following strategies?

Mr. Thomas was teaching a lesson on Jump Rope to his 3rd grade students. Due to the size of his class, Mr. Thomas was forced to use the entire gym space to teach his class. As he was assisting a group of students on partner jumps, Mr. Thomas said “I like how little you have to jump to get over your rope” to a student named Michael who was on the other side of the room. Although startled by the comment, Michael liked the fact that his teacher noticed his performance. (Points : 1)

active supervision

distant interaction

teaching cues

back to the wall


Question 9.9. Which of the following sets of behaviors and consequences would be considered most the most appropriate form of action? (Points : 1)

not looking at the teacher when they are talking/losing  recess privileges for one day

fighting with a classmate during physical education/a stern talk from the teacher

participating in the wrong activity/ the student is threatened with a timeout

improper use of equipment/lose equipment privilege for current activity


Question 10.10. Which of the words in the following statement make it false?

In an autonomy supportive physical education lesson, students are actively involved in monitoring their personal development and assisting the teacher with making decisions. These experiences can assist students in developing leadership roles and reducing the responsibility of the teacher. (Points : 1)








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