Foreign Direct Investment in China’s Health Care Sector

Assignment 1: Portfolio of Tasks and Personal Reflection
(minimum 5,000 words- maximum 6,000 words excluding reference list)
A. Produce a dissertation proposal using the portfolio template (2,500 words for 50% of the marks)
B. Using the template, draw up an individual action plan identifying your current academic skills and any actions that you need to take to improve them.
(1,250 words including the table for 25% of the marks)
C. Your personal reflections regarding how the module content will inform and assist you in producing a masters dissertation
(1,250 words essay style for 25% of the marks)
You are asked to complete the 3 tasks as above; using the portfolio template. It is important that you debate, evaluate and address the topics that have been covered in the material. To do this it is expected that you will:
• Use additional referenced sources in the portfolio tasks
• Write in an academic style using the Harvard References in all tasks.

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