Fire,health and safety.

Select two well published accounts of building fires in building types of a relevant type and scale to your Comprehensive Design Project*. Produce a written and illustrated analysis of each fire, highlighting where the design and construction of the building could potentially be a factor in the cause or nature of the fire. Do not repeat case studies presented in lectures.

Select two relevant and published buildings, of a similar type and scale to your Comprehensive Design Project*, and carry out a means of escape analysis of the floor plans. Identify the escape travel distances required by the building regulations and clearly analyse how these have been achieved. Identify the ‘worst case’ point in the building. Put forward a logical proposal for the compartmentation of the primary means of escape.

To comprise scale plans with legislation requirements, clear keys and graphic overlay of travel distances. Include a 300 word written evaluation of the case studies.

Select and analyse 4 examples of innovative technology in the field of building fire safety. This can be by reference to relevant case study buildings and new or still under-development construction systems and products. Examples may include:

• Active control systems, such as smoke and sprinkler
• Fire resistant glazing
• Protection of structure and control of surface spread of flame
To comprise 1000 words with annotated illustrations
Prepare and present an executive summary of the research report

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