Film Analysis

For this assignment, you will watch a film that features education, teaching and learning and analyse the film in relation to what you are learning/have learned in the course. In your 1,000-1,200 word assignment include:

– brief summary – main characters, plot – max. 2 paragraphs
– analysis
o How does the film portray adult learners and teachers of adult learners?
o What is the teacher trying to accomplish? What are her or his intentions?
o What are the teacher’s core beliefs about education, adult learners, teaching adults? Are these reflected in their intentions?
o What techniques does the teacher use? Are these consistent with their beliefs and intentions?
o Which teaching perspectives are evident in the teacher’s beliefs, intentions and actions?
o How does the context impact teaching and learning?

Mona Lisa Smile
You should also:
• Draw on at least two course readings
• Draw on at least two external sources (e.g., article, book, website, art work, poetry, podcast, video etc.) – one of these should be an academic source (journal article or book)
• Write clearly
• Cite sources accurately and use APA citation/referencing style
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