Fiedler’s Contingency Theory

  • What is Fiedler’s Contingency Theory? How did it develop? What are its applications? What are its pros and cons?
  • Does everyone have just one leadership style or can it vary? Why? What factors exert pressure to influence a shift in leadership style? Are the factors exerting pressure to influence a shift in leadership style appropriate with respect to merit and measure? Why or why not?
  • What factors influence a leader to adopt a specific style (personal traits, characteristics, environment, and so on)?
  • What is the relevance of ethics in the above scenario?
  • Using Fiedler’s Contingency Theory, what would be the most effective leadership style that John should use? Why?
  • Assess your own leadership qualities using what you’ve learned. What is your natural leadership style? Are you task-oriented or relationship-oriented leader?


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