Factors Shaping Health and Safety at Work

A 1000 word essay on the way in which safety culture is influenced by internal and external factors. (1) Critically evaluate and analyse health and safety information, internal and external to the organisation, and its importance as safety performance indicators. (2) Argue the role of health and safety policy in decision making, managing health and safety and importance of communication within an organisation. (3) Appraise the concept of human factors, importance of positive health and safety culture and risk of human error to an organisation. Headings to be used!

Marking Criteria

1. Safety culture comprehensively explained and articulated.

2. The general principles of safety management clearly evaluated and appraised.

3. Management solutions clearly identified and communicated.

4. Breaches of legislation and mitigation clearly evaluated.

5. Potential legal implications of failure including enforcement identified.

6. Suitable and sufficient conclusion to the essay has been written.

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