Examine the socio-political conditions that lead to the emergence of Bossa Nova in Brazil. What is its relationship to Samba? Back up your assertions by making reference to at least five different albums and/or pieces of music.

Hey hows it going.
It’s quite a weird essay to write as it’s heavily tied to music (i Hope you like Brazilian music!!). If you have some struggles dealing with the 5 different albums, you can email me, and I’ll send you some guidelines/pieces to place in there.

Sources: There is a maximum of two online sources (websites), the rest can be google/scholar, newspapers online etc.

I’ve opted for 5 pages as I intend on filling some of the gaps with my own re-search (a lot of quotes from musicians, kind of personalised accounts of who was doing what etc.) If you feel there is a paragraph or section that needs or should have said quote, leave a mark in bolded letters and I’ll insert upon your completion.

My university has it’s own style guide. So I can either send you that style guide so you can adhere to it? Or if you’d like, depending on how long it takes for the completion, I can do that instead :). I’ll be giving you a lot of information, and if you need anything else, just email me, or call (I’m in Melbourne Australia’s time zone).

Good luck! Hope to receive an email from you explaining how exciting this is (it’s really not.. but I hope my sarcasm helps your Tuesday.


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