Examine how leadership is demonstrated

• Examine how leadership is demonstrated within the article
‘The Rise and Fall of Carly Fiorina’
• The article examines the performance of a leader who entered a successful company as a ‘superstar CEO’ and introduced dramatic changes in a short time. Five years later, the company stock had declined significantly in value and the CEO was unceremoniously removed.
• The author raises a number of questions in relation to leadership and management practices.
• You need to analyse and discuss, How leadership is demonstrated in the article, based on theories that you learned.
• This essay will enable you to demonstrate your understanding of leadership theories, as well as your ability to apply them into a scenario based on corporate leadership failure.
Over the first few weeks, we look at a number of theories that attempt to explain,
– the nature and importance of leadership (week 1)
• Role of a leader, leadership effectiveness framework and etc
– traits, motives and characteristics of leaders (week 2)
• Compassion, integrity , humility, self confidence and communication as a leader
• Leadership motives : personalised or socialised power potive
– leadership behaviour, attitudes and style (week 3)
• Leader-member relationship, people orientation VS task orientation
• Authority VS participatory
• Use of leadership power
– ethical leadership concepts (week 4)
• Un/Ethical behaviour, Unethical reporting
• Virtues and moral character
– and how shared meaning and values shapes organisational culture and the building of social capital
• Carly, founders, board of directors, employees and other stakeholders
• How did the culture change/evidence ?
• What is the role of a leader ?

Within the essay, you will need to:
• 1. describe the elements of leadership identified in the article
• 2. explain the reasons for the failure of leadership described in the article
• 3. apply at least two different theories of leadership to the scenario described
• 4. compare and contrast how well these theories address the failure of leadership displayed.

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