1-Read A&B p264-269 do Q 1- 4 2- Read “Where are you going ?Where have you been? and do questions a-What can you deduce about the character, social status, and values (social, moral and familial) of the main characters in Oates’s short story? Do you know anyone like these people? b-Describe the story’s setting (the where and when of the story). How does the setting amplify moods or themes (the significance of the story’s events) that erupt from your reading? Does the setting play a role in the plot? Influence actions characters take? Function symbolically (either as a reiteration or foil)? c-If you were to make a film of Oates’s text, what would it look and sound like? Where and when would you set the film? Who would you cast in the lead roles? How would you narrate the film? How and what would you highlight as symbolic? Describe your choices and explain the reasoning/creative inspiration behind them. 3-Read “The handsomest drowned man in the world” do q 1 & 2 of the text questions 4-Read A&B page 278-282 do hinking critically q 1 & 2 page 281-282 Read carter “The tiger’s bride” and do fastwrite 8 Attachments:




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