Effects of fast foods in child obesity.

Child obesity is the obesity that is experienced by the children. Obesity means a condition of too much fat in the body. Panel (2014) reiterates that obesity can also be defined as a body mass index that is greater than or equal to 95th centile and equal to a standard deviation score of 1.64 and above. Most people confuse obesity with the term overweight. Overweight is the weight of an individual considered unhealthy about the height. Canoy and Bundred (2011) says that obesity in children is one of the major difficult conditions to be determined. Children grow at different rates and therefore, it makes it different to note clearly whether a child is obese or overweight.
Obesity is a big problem not only for the adults but also to a great extent the children. Most of the disease is easy to be determined in a kid but not obesity in children. Obesity in children does not only affect children from specific countries, but it is a problem to the general public of the world (Dietz, 2014). The fact that most children, especially in the schools, enjoy fast foods makes them an easy target to being obese. Obesity has a dangerous effect on the children health. Obesity in children can result into weak lungs, poor bloodpurity, which might cause other diseases in children (Alemzadeh, Rising, &Lifshitz, 2007). Obesity is controllable, but children and their parents must take part in the control or prevention. Children of the latest generation suffer from the “laziness factor”. Children nowadays do not want to be involved in tough games that involve a lot of exercises, in fact, they rather watch TV, play video games and just sit and do nothing that facilitate the speed of obesity. Children can prevent obesity by taking more fruits, taking fewer snack foods, taking less fast foods and doing exercises.
Fast foods have caused a lot of obesity among children all over the worlds and specifically those in the schools. Fast foods without exercise cause a lot of fats within the body. Katz, O’connell, Njike, Yeh, and Nawaz (2008) explain that most children do not understand the weight and importance of fast foods on their health. This paper, therefore, is meant to show the relationship between fast foods and obesity.
Over the year’s research have linked fast food to obesity to children who are the easy target by the fast food manufacturers. Research claims that children with excess energy imbalance intake result always end up being obese over time. The imbalance energy intake of say 2% would mean that the child is taking more or equal to 30 kilocalories on a single day. The same studies also claim that food eaten out of home have more calories about 55% higher to the foods taken by children at home, therefore, pointing a finger to the fast foods.
Research Question
Is it there a relationship between obesity and fast foods in children and how they exercise?

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