Economic Integration

Examine the extent to which the benefits of UK membership in the European Union outweigh the costs”.

Define Economic integration

•Distinguish between the different types of economic integration: Preference Trading Area, Free Trade Area, Customs Union, Common Market, Economic & Monetary Union, Complete Economic Integration

•Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for UK’s membership in the EU

Essay Plan
Identify key economic(s) word in question – define and/or provide the formula, if appropriate.
Prioritise the main 3 or 4 economic benefits of an economic policy , economic good or economic situation for the relevant stakeholders.
Explain, using economic terminology and vocabulary (defining terms as you go), each of the economic benefits (ANALYSIS)
Diagrams – decide which economics diagrams to include in your essay. (APPLICATION)

Real world examples – decide which extract quotes, data, statements (facts) to use in your essay to support and complement your arguments for and arguments against.

Prioritise your counter arguments – i.e. decide upon 3 or 4 economic drawbacks of an economic policy, economic solution or economic situation for the relevant stakeholders.
Conclusion – weigh up the main economic argument for and against the government policy, economic good/service, economic situation or economic solution. Make a judgement (decision)

You must:
•REFERENCE YOUR WORK including websites/ journals/ textbooks of work used (this does not count towards 1500 word limit)

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