Compare and contrast the adaptations of the Southern Sea Otter and the Kangaroo Rat. Include in your answer:
a. the characteristics of the habitats in which each animal lives
b. a description of the environmental stresses that each animal experiences in these habitats
c. the physical, behavioral and physiological mechanisms that allow each animal to succeed in these extreme
d. a summary of the similarities and differences in the adaptations of each animal
Question 2
Describe the production and flow of nutrients through terrestrial forests. Include in your answer:
a. a description of food production and distribution of nutrients within the plants of a terrestrial forest b. a description of the plant “fiscal year” for a seasonal temperate forest in New Hampshire
Question 3
Describe the structures of vertebrate “cold-blooded” and “warm-blooded” ecosystems . Include in your answer:
a. a description of ectothermic poikilothermy and endothermic homeothermy
b. a description of trophic pyramid structures for the two types of ecosystems and the effects of the removal or diminution
of one level in the pyramid
c. a description of the effect of predator size on prey choices and the different adaptations of large predators
Question 4
Describe the variety of cyclic behavior of animals. Include in your answer:.
a. descriptions of cyclic vertical migrations, circadian rhythms, lunar cycles, and reproductive cycles
b. a description of diadromous and anadromous life cycles using the life history strategies of Pacific Salmon and Atlantic

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