Drug design strategy

6F6Z2007 Coursework Assessment
Coursework consists of two assignments: a) a poster and b) a 1000-1500 word report both to be
uploaded to Turnitin (deadlines are shown on Moodle). Below are the two topic choices.
Importantly, if you choose topic 1 for your poster then your report must be on topic 2 or vice-versa.

1. Choose an example of a drug that has reached the market, discuss in detail the human disease it
treats, the discovery process and drug design strategy.

2. Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) are synthetic receptors that can detect targets such as
small molecules, but also bigger proteins and even whole cells. Choose one of these targets which
can be used as a disease marker. Give a brief description of the human disease it treats and how we
can develop a bio-sensing platform to detect this particular target. In the latter, you have to briefly
describe how the MIP is functionalized onto a substrate or electrode and which read-out technique
is used to determine the binding of the template to the MIP. You are free to choose your target
molecule, as long as you can explain why it can be used as a disease marker.

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