Dropbox case assignment

Case”Dropbox: it just works”,by Harvard Business School Publishing
Assignment: Analyze this case . Answer the question below.
Question :
1. What opportunity did the founder, Drew Houston, see when he founded Dropbpx? What are the key elements of Dropbox’s current business model?

2. Is Dropbox profitable in 2010? Estimate ( explain your calculations) How much they earn in profits(or lesses ) How does your estimate influence your evaluation of Dropbox?

3. In the early period of the company (When he was applying to Y Combinator), what hypotheses did Drew Houston hold about key elements of the droppbox business model? As of 2010, which of those had been confirmed and which discarded? Explain. Assess how these Hypotheses were tested. Were mistakes made in testing? Can you recommend improvements to the testing ?

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