Dorothy Day

1) Tips for Long Loneliness ‘Key Text’ essays:

5-6 pages double-spaced and no more than 7 pages.

Be sure to indicate your choice of text in the introductory paragraph.

By second or third paragraph at latest, provide brief summary of the text.

Be sure to indicate both where in Long Loneliness your text is cited, and where Dorothy Day was in her LIFE when she read it.

To assess the text’s meaning for Dorothy Day, consider the totality of her life experience as treated in Long Loneliness, along with the specific context in which the Key Text was read by Ms. Day.

Please do not draw on any sources beyond Long Loneliness and your chosen text.

So basically the professor wants us to read the book the long loneliness and choose one book that she has read in her life (In the book long loneliness, she will talk about all the different texts and books she had read in her life), showing how these two books have affected her life.

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