Diversityinc Magazine

Go to http://www.diversityinc.com/ now click on Diversityinc Magazine.

Now choose two articles or videos or recent news clips sent to your email from any of the following magazines:

  • Fall 2014 or later
  • Sept/Oct 2013
  • Jan/Feb 2013

This assignment is all or nothing. You need to complete both articles for the 100 points. If you only complete one article you will receive 0 points.

Requirements for each article:

  1. State title of article and month year the article was chosen from. If this information is not included it will not be graded. The article must be from one of the three choices above.
  2. In one paragraph, which is four sentences minimum summarize the article.

In the next two paragraphs indicate how the information in this article relates to diversity in the workplace, how the information is beneficial or not beneficial and which chapter it relates to best and why.


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