Developing a pay-for-performance plan.

Number 1: You supervise in a company that is a low payer relative to your competitors. What things do you have control over to increase the likelihood that workers will feel fairly treated?

Number 2: How is an earnings-at-risk plan different from an ordinary gain-sharing or profit-sharing plan? How might earning-at-risk plans affect attraction and retention of employees? How does the 2008-2010 recession affect the viability of earning-at-risk plans?
HR Application 3
You are the Compensation Manager for a large company that manufactures bicycles. The Operations Department of the firm is responsible for manufacturing the bikes, which is done in an assembly-line fashion. The process is quite man-power intensive.

You have been tasked to develop a pay-for-performance plan for all assembly-line workers that will perform three functions:

1. Appeal to the assembly-line workers
2. Meet the tenets of the core values
3. Serve to improve performance overall by reducing the time to make one bicycle by ten percent

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