Deliverables and Marking Criteria

Management Information Systems(MIS 301)


Assessment 1


Your task is to read the following case regarding a trade show event that involve a Database in order to keep track of the components, equipment and shipments of this event.

Suppose that you are a marketing manager for a consumer electronic company and you are in charge of setting up your company booth at Dubai GITEX trade show. Weeks before the show you meet with your directorand determine what displays and equipment they want to display. Then, you identify each of the components that need to be shipped and schedule a shipper to deliver them to the trade show site. You then supervise convention personnel as they set up the booths and equipment. Once the show is over, you supervise the packing of the booth and all equipment as well as schedule its shipment back to your company. When the equipment arrives you check into your warehouse to ensure that all pieces of the booth and all equipment are returned. If there are problems due to shipping or loss you handle those problems.

Your job is important; at a typical show, you are responsible for more than a millions dirhams worth of equipment.

You are required to answer the following questions:

  1. You will need to track data about booth components, equipment, shippers and shipments. List typical fields for each type of data.
  2. Could you use a spreadsheet to keep track of this data? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of doing so?
  3. Using your answer to part a) give an example of two relationships that you need to track. Show the keys and foreign keys for each.
  4. Which of the following components of a database application are you likely to need: data entry form, reports, queries or application programs? Explain one use for each that you will need.
  5. Will your application be for one user or for multiple users? Will you need a personal DBMS or an enterprise DBMS? If a personal DBMS which product will you use?



Deliverables and Marking Criteria


Students will be marked according to the following criteria:

  • Answer to the above questions = (16 points)
  • Quality of presentation = (2 points)
  • Mechanics (no misspelling or grammatical errors) = (2 points)


Students must complete the task and upload to UMS portal a copy of the report by the due date in order to pass. Failure to complete the assessment task according to the questions above may result in a Fail grade awarded for the assessment task.



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