Defining Leisure


This assessment has been designed for you to understand what leisure is and how leisure is utilised in your life as a fundamental concept. If you understand the benefit of leisure in your life then you are well placed to facilitate leisure in another person’s life.
Leisure has been defined in relation to time, as an activity or as a state of mind. In this assessment you will need to:
1. Briefly discuss each definition and at least one author who has written about each approach.
2. Discuss how different definitions may be used to describe your own leisure behaviour at different stages of your lifecycle. Here, you might want to describe some of the recreational activities you currently undertake or has undertaken in the past.
3. Analyse how different social, demographic and psychological factors have impacted on your current participation in these activities.
4. Conclude by stating (and giving reasons) which definition you presently prefer to describe leisure in your own life.
The essay will be assessed on the following:
• your understanding of the key concepts of leisure
• your ability to relate concepts to life experiences
• your identification of the factors and discussion of their impact on your leisure choices and practices
• your analysis and synthesis skills
• your academic writing skills.


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