Declarisation of Supreme Court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson

  1. What did the Supreme Court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson declare?

  2. What were segregation laws called?

  3. What did Harry Truman order in the late 1940s?

  4. Who became the first black Major League Baseball player?

  5. Why did NAACP and Thurgood Marshall sue schools across the South?

  6. What was the opinion of Chief Justice Earl Warren in Brown v. Board of Education?

  7. What quote from the ruling caused slow integration in Southern schools?


  1. What was Rosa Parks asked ordered to do on the bus? Did she comply?

  2. What church did Martin Luther King Jr. lead?

  3. What two people did Martin Luther King study?

  4. What happened on Monday, December 5, 1955?

  5. What percentage of blacks refused to ride Montgomery’s buses?

  6. What change did the boycott bring about?

  7. What was the Southern Christian Leadership Conference dedicated to fighting?


  1. Where did a segregation showdown take place in 1957?

  2. What did Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus do to prevent black students from entering Little Rock Central High School?

  3. What did President Eisenhower do on September 25?

  4. What did officials do the next year to prevent integration?

  5. How did television affect the American public opinion about the situation?

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