DB 3

For this discussion posting, research a foreign country (Germany) and explain the non-verbal communication cues that one should be aware of when dealing with a customer from that country. Additionally, provide a brief discussion of the country’s culture and unique customs. Please read and respond to the above question. Then, respond meaningfully to at least 2 other students’ postings. Word count for initial discussion response – 200 words; peer responses – 100 words.

Reply to this peer: The nonverbal language in all Spanish culture is very different from the United States. Visitors must be extremely careful with their hand gestures when visiting Latin countries. For example our thumbs-up to someone here in the United States might mean something totally different in another country. Another example is the hand gesture we use to tell someone to “come here,” the is palm up and the index finger extending in and out three or four times, this has a very different meaning in Latin America. This means that you are romantically interested in the person and it is considered a sexually propositioning someone. The motion to someone in Latin America to “come here” you extend your hand palm down and move all four fingers in and out together three or four times. A very important gesture to watch for is the “thief gesture” if you travel on buses while on vacation. When standing in the aisles, just pay attention to the elders and mothers. They will let you know if a pickpocket is nearby by placing their hand sideways with all four fingers extended, and then moving one finger at a time to touch the palm. It takes only a few seconds to do, but can be important. If you see this hand gesture, grab hold of your person items!

Reply to this peer: (Will be uploaded as revision at later time)

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