Data Structures and Analysis

Part 1

Design and implement a generic stack class StackUMUC<T> and a generic queue class QueueUMUC<T> (these names are chosen as to avoid confusion with similar classes defined in JDK).

For StackUMUC<T> class, implement the following methods:

StackUMUC(int)    // class constructor

void push(T)

T pop()

T peek()

String toString()

For QueueUMUC<T> class, implement the following methods:

QueueUMUC(int)    // class constructor

void put(T)

T get()

T peek()

String toString()

The source code of the two classes should compile without errors.

Part 2

Test the two classes StackUMUC<T> and QueueUMUC<T> for the JDK types Integer and String and for the user defined type Point. The class Point represents 2D Cartesian points having x and y as instance variables, a constructor with arguments, and the methods getX, getY and toString.

The programs should compile without errors.

Submission requirements

Submit the following before the due date listed in the Calendar:

1. The source files, and the source file(s) for the test driver(s).

2. The solution description document <YourSecondName>_P1 (.pdf or .doc / .docx) containing: (2.1) assumptions, main design decisions, error handling, (2.2) test plan, test cases and two relevant screenshots, (2.3) lessons learned and (2.4) possible improvements. The size of the document file (including the screenshots) should be of three pages, single spaced, font size 12.


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