Cross-cultural analysis of cyberbullying and stress in the UK and Saudi Arabia in higher education( universities).

Please answer all the questions

1-Provide a fully engage with the theoretical, conceptual and empirical literature on cyberbullying, including distinction between bullying and cyberbullying and that related to education

2-Provide a fully considered and justified operational definition of cyberbullying in the workplace.

3-Provide a fully rationalise and justify: cross-cultural comparison of UK and Saudi ,provide justification to show the importance of comparing UK and KSA? What are the contributions for both countries?

4-Provide a fully rationalise and justify the selection of higher education institutes as examples of the workplace, you can include a justification for choosing a university as an example of a workplace – I believe a university is subject to the use of email, etc just as any other workplace and with research into university employees showing they work outside a usual working day (e.g. 9-5), then they are particularly prone to email messages at work and at unsociable hours.

5- Provide a fully rationalise and justify the choice to focus on stress by Providing a rationale for choosing to link cyberbullying and stress belongs here –I would recommend looking at the introductory sections from the papers by Keappock and others to see how (or if) they justify linking the two – this could yield some useful ideas .We need justification of choosing stress rather than other outcomes of cyberbullying? For example why not anxiety? Please justify the selection of stress to be linked to cyberbullying at workplace?

6- suggest that there are many other factors which can also engender stress levels, so you’ll want to let the reader know you are aware of this and that steps need to be taken to take this into account, assessing other life and work stressors too

7-Give further consideration to the expected outcomes of the study and potential impact. Show importance and contributions of the study for both cultures?

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