Crisis and Continuity

Using a range of academic theories (taught in 2017GED lectures) develop an academic report to raise awareness and promote Business Continuity within an organisation of your choice. This will demonstrate your understanding and analysis of Business Continuity issues. You should use feasible examples of business processes and practices, real or imagined, to demonstrate your knowledge.

This exercise will require both research into Business Continuity processes as well as some creative imagination in reporting on the level of Business Continuity awareness within an organisation as well recommendations for improvement. You should consider broad guidelines such as the BCM lifecycle and ISO 22301.
Note: This exercise is not about presenting advanced reporting skills, but is concerned with the contextualisation and synthesis of academic and scholarly content delivered through the medium of a chosen organisation. The appendix within the academic report should contain a full reference list of sources used in the report (in Harvard Referencing Format).

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