convention or tradition of the idea of the architectural aspect

Please write it separately.

2) For the paper 1 write a research paper to answer the question in the attachment.(uploaded file)
approximately 275 words.

3) For the paper 2 write an another research paper base on the element you choose for paper 1, and answers those questions.
approximately 275 words.

For paper 2, you will propose the contemporary turn that the convention has taken. This is essentially the critique of the Classicist and Modernist conception/idea/tradition surrounding the convention. You will demonstrate that in the following for this paper:

A short abstract:
State briefly the convention or tradition of the idea of the architectural aspect that you have examined in paper 1. Then, describe how this idea has been critiqued through a manifestation in contemporary projects. Then, theorize as to why this change has occurred beyond material advances and/or direct function (i.e., it can�t be that there�s just a new technology or some different human ergonomics). To theorize why this idea has changed in architecture, you will need some outside source such as political theory, economic theory, social theory, art theory, and so on from the last 25 years. Refer to that as well in this abstract. The abstract should be about 250 words, no less.

A short list of references for the contemporary sensibility. At least two. One from outside of architecture.
At least four architectural projects from the last 25 years that exemplify the contemporary turn SPECIFICALLY. Please provide an exact image (i.e., the window, the drawing), the source of the image, and a brief description as to how it exactly and specifically exemplifies the contemporary turn

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