Control of Risk

Control of Risk – Section 2 HW Section 2 deals with Risk Control Fundamentals. A perfect example of failure of risk control is the Costa Concordia tragedy. For this section, I would like you to use the Risk Identification Methods (Section 2 of Principles) and name which risks you think could have been identified by each method and why. You can use some overlap of risks (some risks could be identified by more than one method) but you have to provide at least one unique one. For example – an on-site inspection might have revealed that the lifeboats would not launch at a certain angle. The second part of the assignment is to go through the five primary risk control techniques and identify which ones could have been used to avoid the Costa Concordia disaster and how. Please note that this assignment requires not only to use the book for reference, but to also thoroughly research the Costa Concordia disaster – there were several articles written about it. and use critical thinking As noted before, you will be graded compared to your peers – those who provide a well researched, well thought out answer will score well – those who provide the minimum information without much thought will have that reflected in their grade.



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