Computer Graphics OpenGL 4.0 C++ GLSL


Work on Computer Graphics 3D game in OPENGL 4.0 C++ and GLSL. Please use OPENGL4.0 otherwise I will be given 0 marks.

All the necessary files are attached for the coursework including lecture materials and lab materials.

Please refer to PathStartingGuide.pdf to work on path in Lab 3 solution FIRST, use the CatmullRom.cpp file in the folder, paste the file in lab 3 solution replacing the older CatmullRom.cpp file. Than work on the path starting guide.

I would like a Sonic hedgehog game in 3D please which has a path and meets the requirements stated in the coursework pdf file. There should be rings in the game associate with rings score, obstacles to reduce lives, enemies. All the requirements is mentioned is in the coursework file, please follow it.

An example is here, please create a slightly different game than this though:

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