Comparison Essay

Trip to a Record Store

Part One: Travel to a Record (NOT LP but a place that sells music, Target, BestBuy, Electric Fetus, etc.) store of your choice, this could also be the record section of a department store, and explore the spatial organization and advertising. What is the general layout of the music—pop music in front, classical in the corner, etc…? Where is your favorite music located? Are there any posters or special displays? What music is at eye-level?What music is hard to find/get? What type of music/recordings are feature at listening stations?

Part Two:Visit an online store of your choice that sells music and explore the webpage and all if has to offer. This webpage can be a retailer such as or a downloading site such as Itunes or Answer the same questions as listed above in part one

Part Three: Give a summary and reflection on the experiences and compare and contrast the two different music shopping experiences. Final product will be in the form of a report of 4-5 pages in length

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