Clinical Needs Assessment Tool and Procedure

Clinical Needs Assessment Tool and Procedure (Change Project)
The highest grade I can receive is 20 out of 20. At this time I am passing by the skin of my teeth. I need you or someone to pull this out for me. I need the best of the best.

Provided are the previous weeks of work that was graded but my grades were very low. This is a Needs Project I am attempting.

First, I will provide what is needed this week for my project, then I will give all the information I already collect. Things can change what you fell fit, but help me achieve this 20 out of 20
I am marked down because information is not explained or not enough detail.

I am trying to present a Needs Assessment Project relating to the need to Retain New Nurses. See Week 1 information below.

Please provide information from University Hospital in Newark NJ..

More information will be attached.

Develop a tool and procedure to collect the data you need for your needs assessment.
• The tool must be appropriate to elicit the data points you determined.
• The procedure must take a reasonable amount of time for the participants to complete.
• Participants’ responses must be anonymous.
Specify the data collection procedure in a step-by-step overview. Please be details
Provide rationale for the data collection tool and procedure.
Discuss the data collection procedure in a step-by-step overview with your mentor.
• You will need from your target audience (nurses, graduate nurses, and students) to develop your practicum project
• Develop a list of both the demographic and content knowledge you want to obtain in your needs assessment
• Discuss how you will collect data from your target audience and how you will analyze that data.
• Discuss barriers to data collection at agency.

Much more detail to follow by attachment
Please NO use of passive voice sentences

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