Chron’s disease powerpoint presentation

1. Could the disorder be detected by prenatal testing? what type of test would be most accurate? if not how is it diagnosed? Use your knowleged of genetic technology to answer the question.

2. Did the baby need any medical assistance at birth or directly after?

3. looking at nornal milestones for the first two years in three month increments, what types of developmental delays will your child experience in tearms of milestones?

4. what support services will the child require in order to help them catch up on their mild stones?

5. What are the physical, psychological and social impact of the disorder?

6. Describe the impact of the disorder on the educational processed.

7. What agencies or resources will be helpful to you?

8. What kind of legal provisions will need to be made when you and your spouse are either deceased or too old to care for the child?



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