Choosing Among Finalist for the Job of Human Resources Director

Choosing Among Finalists for the Job Of Human Resources Director”
1. Identify the person you have selected.

I have selected:

Name of Finalist: Shawanda Jackson

Resume: GPA 3.2/ Auburn University
B.B.A. Business and English
8 years experience in HRM
3 years HR generalist
4 years compensation analyst
5 years supervisory experience

Cognitive Ability Test: 84% correct
Knowledge test: 91% correct
Structured Int 75
(out of 100 pts)
Question (f) Promotions and earnings
Question (g) Basketball, tennis

2. provide a rationale or explanation as to how and why you have made this selection decision, being certain to draw on course concepts. The response should be well organized, include complete sentences, and incorporate relevant information to validate your choice. Please review the general guidelines posted for additional instructions on format, content, length, etc.
General Guidelines for Staffing Decision Assignment

To complete the second Application, “Choosing Among Finalists for the Job of Human Resources Director,” please keep in mind the following:

I) Content

a) Select the best finalist for the job

b) Organize thoughts, use headings and sub-headings where necessary

c) Think about linkages: TDRs (Task, Duties, Responsibilities) /KSAOs (Knowledge, skill, ability, and other characteristics), Methods of Assessment, Performance Outcomes
Task Duties Responsibilities

D) Recall evaluation of assessment methods (predictors) and criteria

e) Provide solid rationale for your selection decision

f) Be conscientious and pay attention to spelling, grammar, and composition

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