Characteristics and functions of American political parties


    • Explain how voter turnout is measured.
    • Compare voter turnout in the U.S. with that in other countries.
    • Describe the factors that affect the level of voter turnout in the United States.
    • Compare voter turnout in Texas to that in the United States as a whole.
    • Identify the historic and contemporary factors which have led to a culture of low voter turnout in Texas.
    • How do you think voter turnout could be increased in Texas?
  • Describe the use of campaign contributions by lobbies and explain the extent to which lobbying is regulated in Texas.
    • Identify the organization responsible for overseeing lobbying in Texas.
    • Compare regulation of campaign finance at the national and state level (in Texas).
    • What appears to be difference in approach between the two?
    • Which method do you believe is better for purposes of maintaining the integrity of the election process?
  • Describe the characteristics and functions of American political parties.
    • Explain the relationship between the national political parties and the state political parties.
    • Review the Texas Democratic Party platform and the Texas Republican Party platform and explain the differences.
    • Compare each state party platform to its national party platform counterpart and explain the differences between the national and state party platforms.
    • Why do you believe differences would exist between the national and state party platforms?

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