Change Management

Assignment Brief
Course/Programme: BABM
Level: 6
Module Title: Change Management
Module Leader: Robert
Assignment title: Assignment 1 – essay
Assignment number: 1
Weighting: 100% of overall module grade
Date given out:
Submission date:
Method of submission: X Online and paper copy
Special instructions for submission (if any): None
Date for results and feedback: Feb. 2016
Employability skills assessed: • C1
• C2
• IT1
• IT2
• PS1
Essay Title:

Critically evaluate the view that understanding self-interest is fundamental to comprehending the nature of resistance to change and how it may be managed.

In-depth application of analytical frameworks, evaluation of organisational context, culture, and employee behaviour.

Thorough understanding and application of change management processes and how transformational change can be sustained.

Originality and independence of thought and approach.

In-depth application of analytical frameworks; analysis and evaluation of self-interest as part of organisational context, employee attitude and behaviour; and linked to l resistance.
Thorough understanding and application of change management processes in relation to managing self-interest.

Typed answers of 3000 words (excluding appendices and reference list)

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