Challenges in Conducting Good Research

Challenges in Conducting Good Research

Health care research must be properly designed and conducted to ensure valid and reliable results. As a health care professional, you will need to be able to analyze the multitude of factors that can influence the design and process of research. The ability to recognize potential challenges to conducting good research will help you become a critical consumer of research studies and lay the foundation for you to engage in effective data analysis.

To prepare for this Discussion, review the Learning Resources and consider the following questions:

What are the building blocks of a good research study?
Why is it important to choose appropriate research methods?
What are the key challenges in conducting quantitative research? What are the key challenges for qualitative research?
By Day 4, post a comprehensive response to the following:
Describe the theoretical foundation and building blocks of conducting good research.
Identify two challenges to conducting good research and suggest potential ways to address and overcome these challenges.
Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.
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