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Case Study

A case study paper demonstrates the impact of a specific idea or policy on a business or organization. It can be an in-person group interview, phone interview, or email interview. The purpose of an effective interview is to gather facts and opinions from respondents. In case study writing, it is important to incorporate theories and coursework to present the best possible solution. Listed below are three steps to case study writing. Once you have completed the first step, you can proceed with the other steps.

Begin by formulating the problem. Then, formulate the problem in one or two sentences. Next, write out your case study format. Once you have the structure of your paper, you are ready to start writing. You should choose the citation style for your paper. If you do not have a specific requirement, you can go with the most commonly used APA style or MLA citation style.

In writing a case study, you need to include relevant facts, and evidence that demonstrate that a particular idea has a certain impact. Moreover, you should mention the method used to investigate and collect the data. A good case study will be based on real data, which makes it a reliable base. It should contain tests, examinations, and investigations to establish the results of the case. Depending on the purpose of your case study, it may be used for research, teaching, or business.