Case Study on “Economic

Case Study on “Economic Integration”
“Examine the extent to which the benefits of UK membership in the European Union outweigh the costs”.

Your work will be scanned through plagiarism software.
Up to 10% similarity index is acceptable.
If over 10% this will be deducted from your final mark e.g. index of 30% therefore 30% will be deducted from your mark.
Eg 20m – 30%= 14marks.
Define Economic integration

Distinguish between the different types of economic integration: Preference Trading Area, Free Trade Area, Customs Union, Common Market, Economic & Monetary Union, Complete Economic Integration

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for UK’s membership in the EU

Support your analysis with relevant economic data or diagram

Identify key economic(s) word in question – define and/or provide the formula, if appropriate.
Prioritise the main 3 or 4 economic benefits of an economic policy , economic good or economic situation for the relevant stakeholders.
Explain, using economic terminology and vocabulary (defining terms as you go), each of the economic benefits (ANALYSIS)
Diagrams – decide which economics diagrams to include in your essay. (APPLICATION)

Real world examples – decide which extract quotes, data, statements (facts) to use in your essay to support and complement your arguments for and arguments against.

Prioritise your counter arguments – i.e. decide upon 3 or 4 economic drawbacks of an economic policy, economic solution or economic situation for the relevant stakeholders.
Conclusion – weigh up the main economic argument for and against the government policy, economic good/service, economic situation or economic solution. Make a judgement (decision)

REFERENCE YOUR WORK including websites/ journals/ textbooks of work used (this does not count towards 1500 word limit).

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