Capital Budgets


First I am going to paste the discussion topic and questions from my professor. Then I will paste is very detailed instructions on how my post is supposed to be. You guys have always done a good job for me so I’m not worried about that. I am just going to copy and paste is extra stuff because I have yet to encounter a teacher that is this specific and detailed.
Here we go…
Discussion Topic 1 – Capital Budgets
Capital Budgets
The assignment for this topic consists if two parts:

1. For your topic in this conference I would like for you to briefly review the financial literature to identify and present a description of one actual capital project/product failure and the reasons attributed to the failure. For those of you who do not have personal experiences the following are some illustrated examples of failed projects/products over the last 50 years you may want to look up and consider: -New Coke,- The Iridium Satellite Communication,- the Edsel automobile, Beta (vs. VHS), etc. Feel free to research others. Remember this is a one to two paragraph exercise – do not go overboard – a few hours research and summation is all that’s required. I am interested only in your short, concise description of the project and the major reasons you believe it failed.
2. Synthesize your one-paragraph position on what 3-5 specific factors you believe most likely to contribute to capital project analysis failure.

Now for a little more of his instructions.
Outside Sources – Reference List

Please note that the outside source(s) you used to research your answer or any source you read that you used to develop a response to the Discussion Topic questions must be properly cited both in the body of the text (when a direct quote) and as a listed reference at the end of your discussion response/answer. Below is a guide for referencing your source:

Corporate Author American Heart Association. (2009). Learn you levels. Retrieved from

Personal Author(s) Hoffman, D. (2009). Diagnosing skin cancer on nose. Retrieved from,,6f9v,00.html

Blog Postc4nn1b4l. (2009, August 9). Re: Wearing your anatomy on your skin: The anatomy tattoo gallery [Web log message]. Retrieved from

This are not sources that you have to use I don’t believe because they don’t go with Managerial finance II class that I am taking I believe he is just giving me further instructions on how to site sources. Which like I said you guys have always done a good job for me so I’m not worried about that. If you have any questions Please CALL ME at any hour. I do not remember to check the messages on here until my projects are finished. As you can tell he repeatedly talks about the size of the paper. I’m not positive but I think for part 1 it can be 1-2 paragraphs and then part 2 he just wants it summarized in one paragraph. making it a total of 3 paragraphs if necessary. Again Call me if you need me any time. Thank you all so much for the work you do. It means the world to me!!
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