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This is what my profesor requires on the paper (In italic) ….I just want the final paper. I honestly didn’t do all the steps from second week to the end of 4th weekend. just do the final research paper (which encapsules all the steps) 10-15 pages MLA format.


An individual research paper with 10 – 15 pagers in length will be required. At the end of second week, you will select a topic and submit a one paragraph proposal. At the end of the third week you will submit a thesis statement (see below), and a 1 to 2 page outline of the paper and bibliography of at least 10 works. There must be other sources in the bibliography in addition to the Internet – books, interviews, broadcasts etc. At the end of the fourth weekend, a rough draft of the paper at least 5 pages in length must be submitted. The final paper is due the last weekend.


Thesis Statement – A statement that articulates the purpose of a research paper. It should be a sentence (or two sentences) presenting the main point of a persuasive writing, usually in the introductory paragraph. 


I chose to make my research paper about this Chinese rail group company(Since they do business internationally)

China Railway Group Limited (CREC)

How they made it globally? Who were the loosers/winners?(the competitors),  Who owns it? is it the Gov? etc. They’re in US to make business…Do they have a chance? please elaborate in a global spectrum.

The text book I use for the class is “peng GLOBAL 2 Student Edition”


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