Business in the Asia Pacific Region


1.Your task is to work individually and produce a 3500 word report. The report is intended for a business audience and consists of companies who are interested in competing in Asia Pacific markets and who wish to extend their knowledge of development and economic growth in the region. The specific tasks (with a guide as to the proportion of the total analysis they should account for within your report) are as follows:-

(a) Identify the key strategies which countries within the Asia Pacific region have developed since the 1950s. Account for how these strategies might have changed over time and whether there are common elements which allow us to speak of an ‘East Asian development model’. You are not expected to refer to every country in the region to complete this analysis – but you should refer to those that you think are the key exemplars of development within the region. (75% of the marks)

(b) What is the likelihood that such strategies could be employed by developing countries in other regions of the world? (25% of the marks)

The word count given is the absolute upper limit. There is no leeway over this – i.e. you will be penalised if you submit work that exceeds the word limit (the suggestion that you may exceed the word count by 10% is a myth! An essay is inappropriate for this task and a report format must be adopted. It is also essential that critical assertions and key comments are referenced and that the referencing system follows the Harvard format. Marks will be deducted in accordance with the School’s conventions for reports which are over the word limit, poorly written or poorly referenced.
The following are not included in word counts:-
1. reference lists/bibliographies and question titles
2. appendices/footnotes- provided these have been used only when necessary. If appendices or footnotes are used excessively, or contain material which should clearly be included in the main body of the essay/report, they may be included in the word count.
3. tables/graphs – provided these have been imported from elsewhere (correctly referenced) and not produced by you.
4. contents page and front page

As well as the essay/report itself, the following are included in word counts:

1. citations/quotations- this includes the material paraphrased/quoted itself as well as the name, date and page information.

2. tables/graphs – if they have been produced by you.
3. the executive summary

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