Take this idea into consideration to develop the assessment:


Individually you need to identify a product or service (or an integrated product and service) that will be adopted by your group for the group assignment and business plan. You need to convince your group of 4 or 5 during the class meeting forming groups that your proposal is the best for your group.

You must identify a service/product and propose a business plan to penetrate a new market via the Internet.

Distribution Channel
The distribution channels open to you are Internet (or both Internet and exporting for tangible products).

Your Proposal needs to include:

What exactly is the product or service? What does it do, what is made of, size, weight…? Any legal requirement due to specific nature (alcohol, medication..). Where is it made and who makes it? Which markets are already covered?

Which new market do you propose to target? Who will buy this? Consumers? Consumer profiles? B2B, B2C?

How will you distribute this? Internet or Internet with Agents/Distributors ? Logistics and storage? Any risks linked to your product or your market? Any legal obstacles/barriers?
In the class session where groups are formed you will asked to bring 5 copies of your proposal for consideration by other members of your group and pitch it briefly to them.

For the ‘Financials’ should be Time to Breakeven and a 3 year profit forecast and THE TYPE AND NATURE OF FUNDING/INVESTMENT REQUIRED.


After the 2000 word assessment please make a one page document describing the important key points and topics to present the project.

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