Bubble diagram

In this phase of your course project, you will develop a bubble diagram for your concept using Word Shapes and provide a one page summary on why you chose that layout.

Click here for a sample bubble diagram.

Create a bubble diagram that illustrates the relationship between the functional spaces and the large equipment in the back of the house/kitchen for your portfolio business concept. Draft this diagram in a Word document using Word Shapes until you are satisfied with it. Try to use appropriate sized shapes for each of the areas and equipment. Pay particular attention to the configuration of your layout. Here is a sample bubble drawing to get you started: Embed: Sample Bubble BOH
After creating your Bubble Diagram provide a separate one page summary in a Word document explaining your rationales for your layout. Post both document attachments to the Discussion Area.

Review a minimum of two other posts by fellow students and answer questions or make comments as needed. Post your comments on the effectiveness of this diagram. Be prepared to justify your ideas and responses by using appropriate examples and references from texts, Web sites, and other references or personal experience. And remember to use your new vocabulary! This discussion will continue through the end of the week.
Writer: Uploaded are examples of the actual assignment and an example of the typeof bubble diagrahm needed.


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