British imperial government

Chapter 5
• How did the Seven Year’s War change the approach of the British imperial government toward the colonies?
• Explain how that led to a crisis over representation and taxation.

Chapter 6
• Discuss the participation of women in the American Revolution, and changes the political philosophy of republicanism brought for women in the wake of the Revolution.

Chapter 7
• How did the authors of the Constitution create a balance between federal and state governments, and between large and small states?
• What compromises did the Constitution make on the institution of slavery?

Chapter 8
• In what ways did Jefferson’s presidency betray his original vision for the new republic?
In what ways did it fulfill that vision?

Chapter 9
What improvements did the new “cult of domesticity” bring to women’s lives, and what disadvantages did the new conception of femininity have

Chapter 10
Explain the “American System” and its benefits.

Chapter 11
• Discuss the different working conditions of slaves in the antebellum South.

Chapter 12
• Who was William Lloyd Garrison?
• How did he and other abolitionists change conceptions of race in American society?
Chapter 13
• How did the victory over Mexico intensify the political conflict over slavery?

Chapter 14
How did slaves turn the war for the Union into a war for liberation?

Chapter 15
• What did freedom mean to African-Americans in the South after the Civil War?
• How did former slaveholders define their freedom and that of their former slaves?
• Discuss Radical Reconstruction as a Constitutional Revolution.


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