Brief Research Report

This assignment is due by 4pm onTuesday 27th October (week 13).You must submit your assignment via Turnitin. No hard copy is required and your work will be marked online.
This assignment requires you to analyse the questionnaire data(N = 250) and interview data (choose 10 transcripts from a choice of 50) and write an APA formatted Results and Discussion section for your study entitled ‘How does identifying as a mobile phone user relate to mobile phone dependency?’

The following are provided in Blackboard to support your completion of this assignment:
1. These instructions
2. Cover sheet – please complete and attach to yourelectronic assignment – ensure you have the correct tutor’s name (NOT the lecturer’s name) or the marking of your assignment may be delayed
3. Feedback form/Marking guide – please attach a blank one to the hard copy of your assignment
4. 50 transcripts in Word and PDF format (same contained in each) from which you must select 10 to analyse for your qualitative section
5. Questionnaire data (cleaned and organised)
Data analysis
The quantitative (questionnaire) data is examined in tutorial number 6. Some example interview transcripts will be examined in tutorial number 7.You will then conduct the qualitative analysis yourself.

Sections of assignment 2
The following sections must be included in this assignment (in addition to your cover sheet):

1. Title page
This should contain the title of your report, the unit the report is submitted for, your full name, your student ID and a word count. Your word count will be checked, so please ensure it is correct.

2. Results
The quantitativehypotheses you test for this assignment should be the same as for your assignment 1 (as you have been advised in tutorials). These are; (i) Are there male/female differences in phone dependency and, (ii) Does identifying as a mobile phone user predict mobile phone dependency? (controlling for age).Your qualitative question may be different from the one you originally proposed if you feel it could be improved by the feedback you received on assignment and by your reading and selection of the interview transcripts.

As you are addressing two quantitative hypotheses and one qualitative question, you should have two sub-sections in your results; quantitative results and qualitative results.

Quantitative results:You will have data from 250 participants for your questionnaire data. We will do some work on this dataset in tutorial time.
You should describe how the questionnaire data was scored, how the data was analysed, and provide the results of your analyses. You may wish to include a table ORa figure to present the frequency of mobile phone use data, which should be included in the main body of this section (not as an appendix). Alternatively, you may present this information in textual form. You should includebrief information about assumption testing for your regression. You should also test the reliability (Cronbach’s α) of the dependency scale (you cannot test the identification scale as it only has three items). A factor analysis will provide an indication of validity.
Your first quantitative analysis must be a t-test. You must report the appropriate information for your reader to understand the relationship between the relevant two variables. Refer to the feedback form for further guidance.
Your second quantitative analysis must be a multiple regression analysisthat includes your control variable (age). You must report the appropriate information for your reader to understand the relationship between these variables (age, identification and dependency). Refer to the feedback form for further guidance.

Qualitative results:You are required to conduct thematic analysis of 10 interview transcripts from the 50 provided on Blackboard. You can select any 10 you wish and should base your selection upon how well they will help you address your qualitative question. You should describe how you analysed your data, including the steps of your thematic analysis. You also need to include a comprehensive and accessible thematic map that displays the major categories and relationships between them. This should be included as a figure in the main body of this section (not as an appendix). Note that you were not required to talk about a thematic map for assignment 1 but you are required to create one for assignment 2. Please select only one major category from your analysis to describe in the results section. The relationship of this category to other major categories should be described.

3. Discussion
Please use this section to integrate the findings from the qualitative and quantitative research components. Relate these findings back to the relevant literature covered in your introduction in assignment 1. Highlight the applied and/or theoretical implications arising from the findings, limitations of your research, and directions for future research. Where you can, you should relate your suggestions to other relevant studies (you are encouraged to show creativity here). Finish with a conclusion.

4. References
Adherence to APA format (6th ed.) is required.

5. Appendices
You should provide a copy of the 10 transcripts you used in your thematic analysis.

Length of assignment
This assignment should be between 1000 and 1200 words. 1200 words is the maximum number of words allowed. You may find that your report is shorter that this, but it should not be a lot shorter than 1000 as this would suggest you have not adequately discussed your findings. Penalties will be applied as follows:
1200 – 1225 words = no penalty
1225 words – 1250 words =5% penalty (7 marks)
1250 – 1300 = 10% penalty (13.5 marks)
1300 – 1350 = 20% penalty (27 marks)
1350 – 1400 = 30% penalty (40.5 marks)
1400+ = will stop marking at 1400 words and 40.5% penalty will be applied to this point.

Feedback form and discussion board
Please use the feedback form and the Assignment 2 Discussion Board to guide you in your decisions about this assignment. Due to equity issues, we are unable to answer individual questions about the assignment via email; you must post any questions about the assignment on the Discussion Board.

Applying for an extension
Please do not leave it until last minute to request an extension. If you are struggling with an issue, make sure you get a doctor’s certificate in advance. Extension cannot be granted after the hand-in date. Applications for extensions for this unit should be submitted to the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology Reception (401.220) or emailed to Students will be notified of the outcome of extension requests via the OCC (Official Communications Channel) located within OASIS. You must usethe University Assessment Extension Form, which is available on the Forms page at

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