Bollywood Music Assignment 2

I would want you spend time on writing your own observations on the movie and the 2 songs from the movie. I will upload the link for the whole movie with english subtitles and 2 songs from youtube which you have to do from movie, you can see the subtitles from the movie link i’ll provide.

song 1 “BISMIL” :

song 2 : “Guloon mei rang bhare :

following are the details.
How would you categorize this film? (Refer to the Film Genres lecture.) What were some of the major themes you observed in this film? What archetypes and stereotypes did you observe in this film?

Describe in detail the music you hear in the film. (Most of the songs are on youtube so you can always listen to them again.) Speak about the general style of the composer. Pick 2 songs to discuss more specifically in regards to the form and instruments used. Note the type of film song.(Types of Film Songs lecture) Identify the sections of the song. Describe changes in instrumentation in relation to the arrangement of the song that you hear. Use terms from the glossary to describe what you are hearing. Provide information on how the songs are picturized. (picturization is a term used to describe how visuals are put to the song.) What purpose does the song have within the context of the movie?
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