Autism Spectrum Disorder

Paper Outline: 1)Briefly describe the clinical population(children- ages 2-11, Adult -ages 11-21)both male and female with Autism Spectrum Disorder and summarize the research findings that you have found. Is the approach intended to treat particular problems, or is it applicable for a wide variety of situations. 2)Discuss the extent of support for the treatment approach. Does the evidence strongly support the approach, or not? Are there weaknesses or gap in the way the approach has been evaluated? Have the authors failed to account for any significant factors? 3)Discuss how well the approach fits with a relational Child and Youth Worker approach. What do you see as the benefits and limitations of the approach? Lastly, locate 5 articles relevant to the topic in professional, peer-reviewed journals. Be sure these articles report evaluation of the effectiveness of the approach and recent as possible. You do not have to summarize the article just provide me with the link. PLEASE NOTE: THE QUALITY OF SOURCES FOR THE ARTICLE IS IMPORTANT, CLARITY OF WRITING, DEPTH OF ANALYSIS, INCLUDE AN ABSTRACT. PAPER GOES WELL ABOVE AND BEYOND EXPECTATION FOR STRUCTURE ORGANIZATION AND CLARITY OF EXPRESSION.


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