Annotated Bibliography

The student has selected an appropriate article(s) for annotation. The article is scholarly and idea rich and has been concisely summarized. The student has captured the complete publication details for later use.
There is clear understanding of the article(s) at a sufficient level of detail. The article has raised a conflict or controversy, that will lead to analysis in the student’s paper.
The student has captured at least one important quotation (from the article[s])to use later as evidence in drafting the paper. In brief, the student explains the significance of the selected quotation. The student has correctly captured the in-text citation.
The student has introduced the topic/issue/focus clearly and has a balanced perspective–not overclaiming. The introduction elicits attention because the ideas are important, compelling, concisely (yet fully) stated. Concrete terms are used, and the reader knows where the paper is going.
The student has evaluated the article(s) and synthesized important knowledge, and has interacted seriously with the article showing understanding and creating new knowledge through the process of reading and analyzing issues the article(s) has (have) raised that are unique to the student’s evident understanding.

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