Analysis of quantitative article

Questions and Issues to Guide Your Analysis:
• Identify and comment on the study’s problem statement, purpose, research questions, and/or hypotheses.
• How does the study reflect a quantitative approach to research?
• Identify and evaluate the variables in the study. What types of variables are present? How
well do the variables capture what the authors want to know?
• Use of the literature: How do theory and prior research inform the study?
Identify and critique the:
o Quantitative approach to the study
o Sample procedures and resulting sample
o Data collection instruments and procedures
o Role of the researcher(s)
o Ethical considerations
o Data analysis and interpretation** (You are not expected to understand or critique
the statistical approaches used to analyze the data. You will explore this next semester. Here, focus on the readability of this section for a layperson and the extent to which the authors explain their rationale for their chosen analytic approach.
o How do the author(s) validate the accuracy of their findings (i.e., validity and reliability)?
• What are the study’s major findings?
• How are the findings presented?
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