American history


the Turn of the Century by John Kasson and The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People, Vol 2: From 1865 by Paul Boyer and the following web sites and (most emphisis 0n Amusing the Million) write a paper addressing the following topic: What caused changes in liesure life in the late 19th and early 20th century that led to the rise of mass culture (that is culture that came from below, rahter than from the upper classes) such as movies, dance halls, sports, world’s fairs, and amusement parks (such as Coney Island)
1) be sure to define what you mean by mass culture, classes (upper, middle, working, immigrant), leisure, etc.
2) Think about change broadly to include social, economic, political, industrial, and cultural change.
1) Paper must have a thesis statement the statement must be underlined
2) paper must be more than five pages doubled spaced 12 point times new roman 1 inch margins
3) page numbers
4) no personal pronouns this is a formal history paper
5) paper must be titled at the top of the first page and the text will start two lines after
6)must include proper chicago manual of style citations
7) no other sources to be used
8)no more than three quotations per paragraph no quotation longet than three lines all quotations must be explained
9) paper will be subjected to the safeassign plagiarism detection software
10) required to use footnotes

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